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Property or in fact real estate is one of the five major asset classes and probably the easiest way to achieve financial freedom through investing due to the ability to use leverage on a tangible asset that provides Cashflow via rental income and proven capital appreciation. . We tend to refer to the asset as REAL ESTATE more than property because technically property just means anything that belongs to you. However, for the purpose of this site, when we refer to property, we are talking about bricks and mortar. In addition, when we mention real estate we include land and paper assets.

On this page, you will find articles and guides ranging from getting unto the property ladder, buying your first investment property, understanding the different types of mortgages, buying properties through a company, investing in REIT’s for becoming a property entrepreneur, various strategies, guidance on property tax, regulation and many more......  

Image by Ralph Kayden
Image by Naomi Hébert
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