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Founder of Announce Property Limited

Summary: A fully Compliant UK registered company focused on sourcing Property Investments for investors and busy professionals. Also offering 1:1 Consultation and services to first /second time residential buyers, helping them with their property purchase from start to finish. We invest our time to find you property investment opportunities in London, Kent and West Midlands. We also have a power team of mortgage brokers, solicitors, surveyors, accountants, estate agents and lettings agents that we work with.

Co-Owner of Deletate Services Limited

Summary: Specializing in all property maintenance and high class refurbishment.

We do boiler service, repair and installation, plumbing & drainage, electrical installation and certification, EPC, Gas Certs, Home Renovations & General Maintenance. All our electricians, engineers and contractors are fully qualified.

Degree: BSc Business Management (1st Class)

Profession: Property Investment, Property Sales, Property Consultancy, Property Maintenance and Refurbishment.

Governing Bodies: Member of Property Redress Scheme, Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), Insured with Simply Business and Registered Under the Anti-Money Laundering Supervision with HM Revenue & Customs.

Industry Experience: 7+ years

Quote: “Add value to people in all you do and the reward is priceless”. Moses Bright

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Moses Bright

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