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NET platform (including Windows Phone) and support Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and WinCE. Category:Virtualization softwareIt was a busy day at the Office of Financial and Insurance Services, which held a hearing on the proposed reforms at the Medical Services Board. Assistant superintendent of the medical services department, Jeffrey Arentz, said he will bring back a bill to the board that would re-establish mandatory licensing for chiropractors, acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors. After some comments from the audience, Arentz said he believes it is time for the medical services board to look at “how to best regulate the healthcare industry as it relates to chiropractors and what that looks like.” “The financial and insurance services board has been looking at this since we first had questions coming in about this being our course of action in the future,” said Arentz. Since chiropractors were last regulated, acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors have been regulated under the medical services board. “Naturopathic doctors are regulated under the board. Acupuncturists are regulated under the board. Chiropractors, however, are not regulated under the board,” said Arentz. Arentz said the board has not had a situation where there was a doctor who was operating unlawfully. “That’s why we are in the process of re-introducing mandatory licensing in the medical services board, so that we can have the protection of mandatory licensing as we move forward,” said Arentz. He said the proposed bill will include the following changes: chiropractors would be required to meet minimum education requirements; chiropractors would be required to complete a mandatory number of hours of continuing education; acupuncturists would be required to meet minimum education requirements; naturopathic doctors would be required to meet minimum education requirements; fees and other costs would be capped for people who choose to file complaints with the board; a doctor would be restricted in the areas where they can practice; and the board would be given more authority to regulate. He said the board will be meeting in December and the legislation will be introduced in January or February. The chiropractic community has been anticipating an overhaul of




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